SMUALA Charter Approval

FREE AT LAST!....SMU Alumni Association of Los Angeles is now an independent organization created to host, in collaboration with Class '66, the 2018 reunion of SMU Alumni in Los Angeles. "Let's have more fun in LA! ....on June 29th - July 1st, originally planned...visit our website for more reunion updates. 


From: Lee Tengco <>
To: Wilfred Llanes <
Cc: Lee Tengco <>; Marlene Cordero <>; Victoria Briones <>; Zennie Melo <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 12:26 AM
Subject: LA Application for Charter/"Seed Money"

 26 September 2016

RE:  Application for Charter, and
      Traditional “Seed Money”

HI Wilfred,


We are pleased to tell you that, in my official capacity as Regional Vice-President (Western USA)  and as the Chairman,  Membership Committee of the SMU NUEVA VIZCAYA ALUMNI ORGANIZATION (SMUNVA), your Application for Charter is hereby APPROVED. 
The original was  signed, dated 26 September 2016 and postal mailed to:
 6518 Whitsett Ave, N. Hollywood
CA, 91606.

(A scanned copy is attached to this email (for quick reference)
A copy of the endorsement is kept for our file along with your Charter By-Laws,
and EIN approved-application that you postal mailed me earlier. 
We will post these in our website).

Addendum to the SMUNVA and LA Charter:

In addition to the above, we feel there is a need to include the topic of the “Seed Money’ tradition and how to put  it in effect.

 As you know, it has been a practice to allocate funds from the previous reunion organizers to the new succeeding reunion-host/Charter. We are fully aware that in your application for a charter, you have NOT in any shape or form, impliedly nor explicitly solicited this stipend.

But nonetheless, SMUNVA/Organization, is pleased to offer you ‘seed money’, in the form of service, specifically, the free use of some of our assets, ie, Computer hardware, peripherals and database. For now, this is the least we can do to assist you and the Charter in the design, development and maintenance of a viable website and an Alumni/Donor/Sponsor database.

We feel it is appropriate (and almost obligatory) to give a helping hand to Charters, in accomplishing their goals (the challenges areenormous, we have been there!). To some small degree, to help in defraying website start-up expenses.

We are very aware, too, that the Charter’s website, by choice,  will be operationally independent of the Organization’s.

We view this practice as not merely a "tradition" but as a motivating factor that encourages new Charters to be formed.

I quote the relevant SMUNVA By-Law:

  Item#6,To do all things necessary, expedient or appropriate to the accomplishment 
of any of the objects and purposes for which this corporation is formed”.

The ‘seed money’ practice will continue. The same SMUNVA assets and/or service will be extended to future Alumni Chapters. 

The SMUNVA Treasurer has authorized me to "loan" you the aforementioned SMUNVA computer hardware assets and accessories, (fully  described in a separate document and attached below)..

If you have reservations about this offer, please let us know.

Again, our congratulations and much luck to the SMU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF LOS ANGELES Chapter
you have our support. More power to you!

Warm regards,

Joselito “Lee” Tengco 
for Marlene Cordero, Founde/President,
Vicky Briones Treasurer, and the SMUNVA Steering Committee

Note: As of February 20, 2017 SMUALA CHAPTER that has been approved and signed by Lee Tengco was not accepted and nor recognized by Marlene Cordero and Lee Tengco.  Therefore, SMUALA is totally independent organization.  We are not affiliated with SMUNVA of San Francisco and not under their registered 501c3.  By law we are not capable of accepting any kind of donations. WHAT A "FLIP-FLOP".

SMU Alumni Association of Los Angeles is now an independent organization created to host the 2018 reunion of SMU Alumni in Los Angeles. "Let's have more fun in LA!